Preparing for a Visit to the St. Louis County Library during NGS

Since I have a List at WorldCat for the St. Louis County Library, I am getting my ducks in a row.

1.  What do I need to know.

  • Location:  1640 S Lindbergh, Blvd in St. Louis, MO that is 2 block south of I-64 at the Lindbergh Blvd exit.
    • Parking:  Entrance at light on Lindbergh Blvd just south of Clayton Rod and across the street from Plaza Frontenac Shopping Center.  Parking if FREE on the North, west and south sides of the library.
    • Genealogy Location:  Tier 3, Main level.  Materials in History & Genealogy located on Tiers 4 & 5 (stairs and elevators).  During NGS we will have temporary access to books shelved on Tier 4 (usually closed to the public) beginning on May 9-May 21.
    • Hours:  9-9 Monday through Thursday; Friday and Saturday 9-5, and Sunday 1-5
    • Lockers:  Tier 5 they are 16.5″H x 12″w x 15.5″D limited availability.
  • What to Bring:
    • Money 
      • Photocopiers take quarters, dimes, nickels and dollar bills.
      • Microfilm printers take quarters only
      • a coin changer is available
    • Valid ID to use their computers
    • USB flash drive
  • They allow the following:
    • Paper, pens, Pencils
    • Laptops – no cases
    • cell phones and other handheld devices (on silent)
    • wallet or small fanny pack
    • 3-ring binders
    • coats, jackets, and sweaters
    • Purses, backpacks and briefcases or bags of any kind
    • Computer cases
    • Accordion files
    • Books
    • food and drink

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